Break a leg

Lyrics to a song

Break a leg
An arm, some toes
Build a nest
We never know
When luck might pass
And take your chances
Don’t run so fast
Picking up a pence
Spend the day
Dream of waking up
Half-er than empty weighs
Your Achilles’ cup
Break a leg
I’ll watch and smile
Clap and beg
To live that wiser while
Mind the gap
Don’t let your feet
Wager on this lap
You may one day speak
What our tongues sought
To write in stone
. . .
Who could condone
Such discoveries
Are not guarantied
And oh… varies
So widely a lone wolf’s creeds
They make the numbers
In relaxant omens
Warmth in December
Has us giggling pandemicly 
Ticking the good old daysLeft to come
Break a leg
I’ll clap and smile
How many skins we’ve shed
All for today’s style
We’ll slime up
Our sluggish yew
Fill our famished cups
If the rains allow us to
Break a leg
I’ll clap and smile
All the skins we’ve shed
When the reign allowed us to